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As we all know, Britain is signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights and one of the rights that we all have, all 800 million of we Europeans, is an inalienable right to family life. That means that we are entitled to buy cheap car insurance, get home at a decent hour in the afternoon, with enough time to have our tea, watch the telly, drink a few beers and then demand our sexual rights from our wives, girlfriends or blow up rubber dolls, which ever happen to be available. We cannot of course do this if we are going to be late home as a result of sitting in traffic jams, or dawdling along the roads at what is laughingly called 'the speed limit'. Thanks to the enlightened European Court we are completely free to drive in which ever way we wish, at whatever speed we wish, in order to get home quickly. Naturally, you will understand this but the other dolts on the road, most of whom simply do not have enough intelligence to read the Sun let alone a European treaty, will not realise that we have these rights and will frustrate you by driving at speeds below 30 mph in towns and under 70 mph on motorways, they will stop for traffic lights and generally get in your way at every opportunity. You must not allow them to do this, because it is a well-known fact that if we do not exercise our rights we will eventually lose them so it is your duty to treat them with the contempt that they deserve, and harass them at every opportunity.

During your time on the road you will meet many hazards, which will be made worse by motoring laws. As an example, if you approach traffic lights and they turn to amber, you may be tempted because of your indoctrination to slow down, when it is actually the most dangerous thing you could possibly do! There may well be a driver in the car behind you who is also aware of his rights under the Human Rights Act and as soon as he sees the traffic lights he will, naturally, accelerate. If at the same time you touch your brakes a collision is inevitable so you must accelerate as hard as you can, ensuring that any other vehicles are warned of your progress by a loud blasting on the horn.

Speaking of horns, the government in its stupidity has decreed a maximum level of decibels for all car horns which is way below the level at which the average other motorist, who naturally is in a zombielike state most of the time, can hear properly over the level of the car radio, stereo system or nagging wife in the back. It is therefore your duty to buy the most powerful set of air horns that you can afford, buying these from foreign sources under plain wrappers.

As you approach your home you will probably be delayed by speed humps. This is because most people are foolish enough to slow down for them, but they are not called speed humps for nothing; you need to approach them at speed in order to go over them smoothly and safely.